David Simpson Saves his Best Buy Store Money, Simplifies Smartphones for Seniors

Company News

June 23, 2014

Shane KitzmanStaff Writer


Dave Simpson saw a problem at the Best Buy store where he worked in asset protection.

David Simpson and Alexis Carroll of the Collegeville, Pa., Best Buy store have taught local seniors how to transition from their land-line phone to their smartphone.

“I noticed we really didn’t have the best shrink culture,” he said.

That means his store in Collegeville, Pa., wasn’t doing well when it came to reducing losses to shoplifting, employee theft, cashier errors or merchandise mistakes.

So he decided to do something about it by educating his co-workers. Simpson created a series of development classes, called “Seal Team Six,” to teach the importance of shrink and safety while empowering employees to create their own shrink-stomping practices.

“Dave came up with the idea, the agendas, ran the classes, and got his peers involved in bringing up shrink and safety topics,” Best Buy General Manager Neil Henning said. “He owned it.”

The messages got through. The store’s shrink numbers dropped significantly and are now at nearly 100 percent compliance within Best Buy product protection standards.

But Simpson’s teaching endeavors didn’t stop there. When the local library came looking for someone to teach a community class about smartphone basics, he and colleague Alexis Carroll volunteered. Their students were primarily seniors who were thinking about moving from a land-line phone to a smartphone.

“Dave and Alexis came up with the course work, and tied it into how Best Buy can offer impartial advice and be there for them when they’re ready to make a decision,” Henning said.

“Most of them left the class pretty excited,” Simpson said. “Lo and behold, a few days later some even showed up at the store and bought new gear.”

Simpson, now a sales team leader, hopes to fire up Seal Team Six again later this spring and make it a yearly course that others can teach. He’d also like to get back to the library to instruct another class.

His boss is all for it.

“That’s exactly what where we want for our people,” Henning said. “Doing what they love to do and putting them in a position to do it.”