Exclusive to Best Buy: The Vysk Smartphone Case That Protects Your Phone from Hackers, Eavesdroppers

Company News

May 15, 2014

Shane KitzmanStaff Writer


Ifone in four smartphone userssays they’ve had their information stolen, what’s the best way to protect against such an intrusion?

Vyskappears to have the answer with the EP1, a protective phone case that guards against cyber criminals remotely accessing your camera, photos and text messages. This protective accessory will be available only atBest Buystarting in September, but can be pre-ordered starting today onVysk.com.

The EP1 case puts your camera on lockdown and gives access to the exclusive Vysk Privacy Network to send and receive encrypted texts, in addition accessing a private photo gallery.

The EP1 also charges your smartphone. It’s offered for both iPhone5/5s and the Samsung Galaxy S 5, and colors come in gold, blue, black and gunmetal grey.