Live from New York, It’s the New HTC One Debut

Company News

March 25, 2014

Shane KitzmanStaff Writer


The new HTC One debuted today in New York, and that Amber Gold edition? It’s coming exclusively to Best Buy.

The HTC One launch Tuesday in New York also featured the Amber Gold edition, which will be available only at Best Buy. (Photo credit: Jeff Haydock)

Best Buy was in the Big Apple on Tuesday to detail what you can expect from the next generation HTC One M8 smartphone. Buy yours right now on for $199 with two-year activation.

In addition to cornerstone features like the 5-inch, full HD (1080p) display and recording, here are the most impressive aspects and improvements:

  • Walk Out Working: It’s as simple as the name. When the HTC One is sold in Best Buy stores, enjoy in-store setup that syncs personal email accounts, sets up Bluetooth headsets, transfers contacts and more so that you leave with a ready-to-roll smartphone.
  • From Otterbox to Speck Candyshell to invisibleSHIELD Glass, Best Buy also has your favorite cases and accessories to protect and personalize your new HTC One M8.
  • UFocus: Didn’t like where your photo was focused originally? Alter it after taking the picture with UFocus.
  • Add drama to your videos: There’s an integrated slow motion mode, in 1080p of course.

Not only does the HTC One have 40 percent more battery life, but it’s 25 percent louder without compromising quality. (Photo credit: Jeff Haydock)

  • Busy hands? Relax. Auto Answers lets you answer a call by putting the phone to your ear, without touching the screen. Double tap to then lock the screen.
  • Bona fide boost in battery life: The numbers to know are 40 and 14. Not only did the battery get a 40 percent boost in life, but when fully charged it will deliver 14 days’ worth of power.
  • Here comes the Boom: Thanks to HTC BoomSound, the M8 is 25 percent louder than the M7, without compromising quality.
  • Health nuts, here you go: The Fitbit app is already preloaded. Set your fitness goals and go chase them.
  • Cracked screen savior: Busted screens happen, so HTC One features a free one-time cracked screen replacement within the first six months of ownership.