Top 10 Gifts for the Trickiest Person on Your List

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December 11, 2013

Shane KitzmanStaff Writer


Having trouble getting a gift for the trickiest person on your list?

Don’t worry.

The experts – the Best Buy Blue Shirts and Geek Squad agents – have you covered. They have compiled the following Top 10 list to make gift-giving easy for those who are typically tough to buy for.

Better yet, all of these products are available in-store and online, where you can choose the convenience of in-store pickup from your nearby Best Buy.

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1. New boyfriend or girlfriend: The First Season of House of Cards — $19.99

Nothing shows them you care like a witty and dark TV show revolving around power-hungry politicians.

2. Your boss: A Keurig coffee machine — $119.99

What better way to brighten his or her day – every day – than fresh coffee. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

3. The in-laws:A Canon Powershot camera

They keep dragging on about capturing those “precious” family moments. Hand them a Powershot and let them have at it.

4. Favorite teacher: iPod Shuffle — $49.99

Yes, it’s a generous gift. But it could be a well-deserved one as the first semester comes to a close.

5. That friend who already has everything:An iTunes gift card

Give them the creative control and hook them up with a free pass to the musical wonderland that is the iTunes store.

6. The really, really picky friend: A Best Buy gift card

The best part is it’s easy on you, and it cuts out the chance of them returning your gift.

7. Tech-savvy children:nabi 2 Disney edition tablet — $199.99

It makes them feel like an adult, and yet it’s equipped with learning apps featuring their favorite Disney stars.

8. Secret Santa selection: Accessorize their gadgets

Everyone wants a personalized phone or tablet case, but may just not want to pay for it. Help your Secret Santa out.

9. Teenager: Roku LT Streaming Player — $49.99

All your teen wants to do is watch Netflix and peruse YouTube anyway — make it easier on them and put it on the big screen.

10. Health nut:Misfit Shine — $99.99

Not only does it track calories and influence a healthy lifestyle, it can be worn as a clasp, a sport band, or even a necklace.

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