Why I’m On the Road This Summer Teaching Tech to Teens

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May 29, 2014

Shane KitzmanStaff Writer


By Geek Squad Agent Brittani Uribe

My mom always wanted us to be well-rounded and to try different things.

So that’s why, years ago, I signed up for the Geek Squad Academy camp in Houston. Having an uncle who worked for Geek Squad helped, too.

I enjoyed the entire experience and learned that technology was something I could understand and love. Before that camp, I hadn’t seen a woman as an agent. That’s when it hit home that there are great career paths for women in technology.

Now I’m a Geek Squad Special Agent helping everyone at corporate headquarters in Minneapolis by troubleshooting their tech issues. When their Outlook crashes, I save it. I walk them through software conversions, and simply help them understand how to best use their technology.

And now this summer, I’m lucky enough to be a Field Lieutenant for the 2014 Geek Squad Academy.

Growing up as a military kid, I moved around a lot. Geek Squad Academy gave me a positive outlet beyond school and my family to grow and create life experiences. Now I want to give teens the same positive experience, and the opportunity to experience how technology can change their lives in the 21st Century.

Starting in June, I’ll teach at six camps across the country – a half dozen locations among the 26 cities Geek Squad Academy will reach in 2014. I’ll share an amazing curriculum that includes everything from robotics to 3D printing to audio and video production.

The only downside of such a busy summer?

Monroe, my white Boxer, may miss me a bit.